In a boating emergency, radio Channel 16 on VHF or Channel 88 on 27MHz, or ring Triple Zero (000)

Marine Rescue
Point Danger

Lat 28° 9.9 S, Long 153° 33.05 E

  • – 24 X 7 Marine Radio Watch
  • – Rescue Vessels On Standby
  • – Rescue Crews Available On Call Out 24 X 7
  • – Search and Rescue Coordination Centre
  • – Rostered Crew Training on Weekends
  • – Other Training Programs for (Radio Officers, Rescue Vessel Crew, Watch Officers)

In our unique position astride the border of NSW and Queensland we are also affiliated with Volunteer Marine Rescue Association of Queensland.

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January 2020
54 Launches
12% Log Ons from previous month
1200 Volunteer hours

Unit base

Point Danger Point Danger

Captain Cook Memorial Lighthouse
Top of Boundary St
Coolangatta QLD 4225

Visiting times
Open 24 hours

Base phone number
07 5536 9333

Fax number
07 5536 3825

More information
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Marine Rescue Point Danger is led by Keith Smith and crewed by 111 professional volunteers.

Marine Rescue Point Danger is proudly supported by